Sunday, March 8, 2009

New terrain

My creative feathers are all a ruffled today.I long for a community,i want to gather up the creative under one roof and just let them create.I want a space where people are free to draw,paint,sculpt and well do whatever it is they do,and do it all under one roof and thrive off eachothers creativity and atmosphere.Somewhere where young and old artisits,musicians and writers of performers can come together to bounce ideas off eachother.

Ideally we would need a large space,an old warehouse or complex that is safe use. People can bring there own stuff in to display,2d or 3d or all the inbetween.Who can help?

Still cruising through uncertainsville

Some one once said to me "were all heading to uncertainsville,which we know nothing about apart from the fact that were scared s***less of it but its whether we decide to travel in a leopard print,star studded ocean liner' that makes all the difference"

So here i am begining to build that dream boat,the first leg of the journey was shaky. Little things kept putting holes in my boat like i was learning to drive, trying to pick up Malay again,missing my friends and lifestyle id left behind and looking for work just little everyday things that i had to learn how to just to function.One issue that really got to me and sticks out in my memeory still was posting a letter something the average child knows how to do,but here in this land me,at 22 years of age had to relearn.I guess the most challnging step was to admit i had no clue how to function,it was like learning to walk again.I had no idea what i wanted to do so i couldnt follow a plan of action without a destination.

Slowly things have come together and im learning to take one thing at a time,so like an octopus in disguise with each tentacle occupied with something along the way im learning to put things down and use all my tentacles to concentrate on one situation at a time im lumbering through life at a faster more efficiently.I have stumbled across a wonderful idea,to live life as i want,so here it goes grabbing life by the balls with all my tenticles.

touch down

Since first landing here in Brunei on the 23rd of september 2008 i felt like i had hatched out of an egg and was seeing the world again for the first time. 8 years is a long time to be away,you have to start everything a fresh. So there i was on a decent towards the shrinking green jungle with my growing uncertainty. Some parts i recognised from the air some were completely new to me. As i alighted flight BI97 and stepped into the hot wet blanket this coutry has embraced as its climate a fimiliar rush excitement and nervousness filled me from the tips of my toes to thetip of my tongue. Bang!a heady cocktail of emotion just awakened to toy with my concious just as i hit customs,a stutter of what should of been the Malay langguage swaggered out of my mouth and then it was over,i was home. The place i grew up,the family id missed and the beautiful glare of the sun off the greenery,so colourful i almost forgot the grey streets and grey clouds of England. My other home seems a million miles away i will miss it but here i am. With no idea of how much things would change over the next few months.